M. Katherine Hurley workshop

Although I was suffering from an inner ear condition (labyrinthitis) that caused dizziness and fatigue, I was determined not to miss the chance to see Kay Hurley in action. Happily, the workshop was held in a private home where I was also staying, so I could slip off to my room for a rest as often as needed. Kay Hurley, from Cincinnati, Ohio, studied with famed pastelist Wolf Kahn, and is well known for her intensely coloured, abstracted landscapes.  I have admired her work for many years through magazine articles, and have been corresponding with her for over a year to arrange this workshop--and Kay did not disappoint. On the first day, she demonstrated a black & white "negative" painting accomplished through the use of only a black pastel and various erasers. I was familiar with this technique from her video, but it was wonderful to watch her do it "in the flesh."  Kay followed up with a full colour rendition of the same scene, just as beautiful.

On the second day, Kay had participants create a "jewelled ring", an exercise in exploring colour relationships.  Very useful and mind-expanding!

On the last afternoon, I felt well enough to complete a painting of the local golf course, as viewed out the studio windows through the enveloping fog. Kay's lessons on abstraction showed up in its simplicity, and her colour exercises helped me achieve a lovely glow. I look forward to studying with Kay again some day--especially when I am well enough to truly benefit!


For more on this workshop, see www.pastelartists.ca.