Go West, young woman!

Ok, so I'm not so young, but it just doesn't sound right to say "Go west, middle aged woman!" Anyway, I've just returned from a two-week stay at a lovely house on the Sunshine Coast, just north of Vancouver.  In an attempt to escape Ontario's bleak January weather, we fled to B.C.'s warmer, albeit much wetter clime.  We did have quite a few days of sunshine (that being why we chose the "sunshine coast" location), but even when it was raining, it was warmer, and the fresh scenery inspired my painting. I took along a handful of previously unused photo references, and my laptop in order to take advantage of the local photos I took while there.  Here are some of the results (see the pastel gallery for many more new images).




Also while there, I taught an intro to pastel session for my daughter-in-law and two of her friends.  We had a fun day together, and the budding artists were pretty pleased with their resulting works!