A Wonderful Tribute

I was fortunate to have the chance to be back in Ontario last week to catch one of the last days of a very special exhibition. Three of my former students, Kebbie Gibb of Port Perry, Patricia Lowe of Whitevale, and Susan Typert of Whitby, Ontario mounted a month-long show at the Scugog Council for the Arts Gallery in Port Perry, entitled Three Perspectives: an Ode to Ruth. The collection recognized and celebrated our time together in a student-teacher relationship, but more importantly it showcased the beautiful and varied work done by these three excellent artists. I was touched beyond words to have these three women articulate the influence that my teaching had on their development as artists in the pastel medium, and so impressed by their accomplishments. It was gratifying to see so many of their wonderful works gathered in one place, and as the red sale dots in the photos below attest, others agreed to their quality!

The Scugog Council for the Arts was kind enough to open the gallery on a day they are typically closed to accommodate my visit (thank you Leslie!), and happily all three artists were able to join me there for an hour of much admiration and laughter. We followed up with a delicious dinner at Port Perry's Harp & Wylie restaurant (thank you Susan!!) and parted reluctantly. It was so good to spend time together again, and I'm delighted to hear that the three of them have vowed to continue to meet monthly for mutual support and painting time.

Thank you, Kebbie, Patricia, and Susan, for giving me such a gift. You were the most rewarding of students: willing to listen and learn, but graced with ample natural talent and intelligence. The results speak for themselves. If I was able to help develop your skills into a fuller expression, I am grateful beyond words to have had the experience. I'm sure you will all continue to express your unique visions in future, and I expect great things from all of you!



One of the last paintings Patricia did as my student--what a lovely work!
Patricia's nest series is so collectible!
Patricia's nest series is so collectible!

One of Kebbie's intriguing rock face paintings--love the celebration of mark-making!


It was a fun afternoon with three of my favourite people--what could be better?! I am blessed to have been part of their lives and count them among my dear friends.