Looking Forward, Looking Back

After 23 years in one location, it is time to move on. Many factors figured in the decision, and it was a difficult choice, but we have left behind our lovely cloistered home in the trees, and moved to a new home on a wide open waterfront. It's a culture shock, to say the least, but there are many things to enjoy, including sunrises over the marsh, the call of loons, the huge skies, the ballet of swallows, the pleasures of planning and planting new gardens, and, a new, larger studio! The new house is built into a hillside, so the lower floor is at ground level at the back (water) side of the house, providing a lovely walk-out to the lake edge from the new studio. It's a bigger, brighter space, and can accommodate up to five painters at once, so private lesson plans are in the works for the fall. It's an exciting new development, and I'm looking forward to a new adventure with it.

Another new development is that, on the basis of viewing my current exhibit at the Bowmanville Library, the manager of A Gift of Art in Newcastle has invited me to join her gallery, so my work will soon be available there, as well as continuing at Meta4 Gallery in Port Perry, and Davis Canadian Arts in Stratford. As well, I hope to join Bonnie Thomson in her studio on the Port Perry Studio Tour next spring--stay tuned for more news on that.

It's symbolic that the first painting I completed in my new studio was a work commissioned by the new owners of my previous home. It is of the view from their previous home, and it will hang in my previous home, so there is a sense of connection and appropriateness to the whole sequence. See the finished work below.