Uxbridge Studio Tour

Last weekend (Sept 19/20 2009) I participated in a wonderful regional studio tour in and around the town of Uxbridge, Ontario.  Potter Cynthia Cupples (http://cynthiacupples.com/) generously invited me to share her home/studio space, so I happily set up a variety of paintings, my easel, and my pastels on Saturday morning. The results exceeded my wildest expectations.  A near-constant flow of people came through, politely asking questions, picking up cards, signing my guest book, and buying works large and small from both of us.  Thank you, thank you to all--it was a great pleasure to meet you and share my work with you!  I hope to see some of you again when I return for Cynthia's seasonal open house on Nov 7/8. And thank you, Cynthia, for sharing your space and clientele!

I actually got a bit lost on my way to Cynthia's on Saturday morning (trying a new route to avoid driving through Uxbridge) and, in my meanderings, came across a wonderful marshy area between Scugog Lines 12 and 14.  On Saturday evening after the tour ended, I deliberately returned the "wrong" way to be able to take photos of the marsh in the late afternoon light.  On Sunday, I painted a large pastel from this photo, which promptly sold off the easel (before I remembered to take a photo of it, in fact), but here's another painting, a bit different and smaller than the first.  I look forward to doing more works from this series of photos--the colours and textures are marvelous. Stay tuned!