Introducing Ruth Rodgers' artist website

Welcome everyone!  I am happy to announce the launch of this website, the result of three years of growth towards a viable artistic career. I am most grateful to the Pastel Artists Canada ( site for hosting my images for the past three years, and will continue to have some kind of web presence there, but the time has come to expand--so here we are!  I hope that friends, students, and collectors will enjoy staying updated on my work via this site, which includes galleries of works in pastel and acrylic, workshop and exhibition news, and blog entries about my artistic process. While my work is available in various galleries in Ontario (see the Sales tab), you can also contact me regarding direct sales from this website (also see the Sales tab). Thanks to Creative Creature ( for the site design! I work in soft pastels, acrylics, and oils. My style is best described as ‘naturalism’ which seeks to represent reality not in the hyper-realistic way of photographic realism, but in the way that the human eye and brain actually perceive the world. Thus, areas outside the main focal point may be soft-edged and indistinct, just as they are in our peripheral vision. I am influenced, as well, by the effects of light so well conveyed by the masters of Impressionism. I have studied with a number of Canadian and American pastel artists, and hope to have integrated their teachings into my own distinctive style.

I am also inspired by my immediate surroundings, and hope that my work will help viewers to see the beauty in the everyday world. A country girl since age 13, I focus mostly on the rural landscapes and rhythms of agricultural life in the counties encircling London, Ontario, with occasional trips to exotic locations. I am especially interested in the changeful skies over southwestern Ontario, and frequently depict them, in all their moods, in my work. I also enjoy interpreting the human journey through figural works.

I am a member of the Pastel Artists Canada, and highly recommend this group for pastel artists at any stage in their careers.

The image below is my current "signature" image--titled Castles in the Air. It was an award winner in the 2008 PAC juried show, and represents my dreams of transitioning to a full time painting career over the next few years.  It's also the only work my very supportive husband has ever asked me not to sell--it will stay in our own permanent collection. Enjoy it and the rest of the site!  Feedback is welcomed via comments on posts or email at  Thanks for visiting--come back soon!